What does your dream life look like?

Designing your “Dream Life” can be SUPER simple and a lot of fun.

What am I talking about?

Let me start off by saying if you are to achieve your success, you need to spend time designing your dream life.

Then you need to do a little bit of work to estimate the monthly cost to live it.

When my daughters were young and they were thinking about leaving home, they came to me and asked how much they needed to make every month to move out.

Of course they wanted to move into an apartment without a roommate.

However reality hit them right between the eyes when they realized to live like they are at home they would need to make $2000 a month.

Back to our topic…

You need to ask yourself these questions:

– Why have you started building an online business?
– What do you want out of your business?
– What is your dream life? (if money was no problem what would you do)
– What is your monthly income goal to make it all happen?

As you know from my last post I am taking Dean Holland and Craig Crawford’s Quick Start Challenge.

In the “Quick Start Challenge Week 2 Challenge” we were asked the above questions and it really makes you think.

I kind of had an epiphany moment where I went back to why I wanted my own business and here are some of the reasons I wanted to start my own business.

A Nice House!
A Better Car!
Take More Vacations!
Have More Fun In Life!
Make Investments For Our Future!
To Contribute to Charities!

But I would have to say the biggest reason was to Quit My Job and to Acquire More FREEDOM!

Since starting my business, I have been taking small steps in the direction I have laid out for myself.

I figured I would need a $10,000 a month income to achieve what I want in my Dream Life.

Again I have been taking small steps in that direction.

I feel in a number of areas I am close to a Breakthrough.

You need to do this same exercise for yourselves to discover your “WHY“, as in WHY are you are starting your own business.

Then ask yourself what is your Dream Life, what does it look like and how much income do I need to make to live that Dream Life?

Again, to achieve your success, you need to spend time designing your dream life.

You need to discover your “WHY”.

Here is a system that will help you make your Dream Life come ALIVE!

My Unfair Advantage

Discovering your “WHY” and your Dream Life will help you push through the tough times to eventual Success!



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