No Marketing Equals No Sales

No Marketing Equals No Sales

I want to tell you about something ‘Google Adwords expert’ Perry Marshall said, “Nobody who bought a drill
actually wanted a drill… They wanted a hole.

Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes – NOT information
about drills!”

Remarkable isn’t it how you have to look at what your customer wants or needs not what you want to sell.

Focus on people’s wants and needs.

Most marketers fail for the following reason than for any other reason, except maybe not taking action.

Instead of caring about their prospects’ wants and needs, they try to sell their prospects on their products or service.

OK, let’s be brutally honest here, nobody likes to be “sold”or told what to do… do they?

Do you? Of course not!

You must show the customer the connection between how your product or service will fill their wants or needs.

So can I ask you a question?

Are you showing your prospects that by buying your product or service, their biggest needs will be fulfilled?

Remember, you must get your prospect to take some type action. Get them to
watch an online presentation (a webinar), or make a call, or respond to an email.

Just how effective is your marketing to get your prospects to take action and become clients?

Obviously, No Marketing Equals No Sales!

You must come to understand that if your marketing is ineffective then your amount of sales will be very low?

I hope you are not under the false assumption that you don’t need to know anything about sales or
marketing.  You may even think if you drive enough traffic you will make sales. If that’s the case, then write this down …

Key Point – One critical key to your ability to generate income consistently is your ability to generate ‘targeted traffic’.

So, effective marketing and traffic are both required to make sales and income on a consistent basis.

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