Why I Never Tell People What I Do

I often get the question “So Jim what do you do?” Below I will tell you why I never tell people what I do!

99.9% of the time when I talk about selling digital products as an affiliate, building websites, starting membership sites, buying traffic and generating free traffic, raising conversions – people never understand or have any clue what I’m talking about.

Watch the video below…

This is how it probably sounds every time I tell someone what I do online…

They usually look at me like they are lost in the fog on some forgotten road in the middle of nowhere.

They have absolutely no idea what I am talking about. They are totally lost. Is this for real?

I think I make sense but this guy does not get it!

Can you relate to this? Does this makes sense to you?

This Is Why I Never Tell People What I Do!

Castaway Commissions From a Deserted Beach in the Caribbean!

Have fun,


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