You Need A Email List

If you talk to any successful internet marketer they will have an email list.

They will tell you that you need a email list to be successful online.

Then they will tell you there is NO exception to this rule.

They all have built their lists in different ways, but they still have a email list.

You simply can’t even dream of make serious money online without an email list.

Having a email list means…

  • You control the traffic going to your money making offers
  • Having a list of fans that will buy what ever you recommend over and over again
  • You are building an online asset that is worth a lot of money in the future
  • Looking after your long term future online

Let’s look at the alternative…

Having no email list means you have no valuable assets, nothing to use as leverage with other marketers, nothing to bargain with suppliers and no long term future to speak of really online.

Without having a email list, those people around you, who thought you wouldn’t make it online will be proven right – and they will tell you ‘I told you so’.

You will never get the respect you deserve online from other marketers.

Believe me I know because I’ve been there and done that.

Why “the money is in the list” statement is actually very wrong.

If it was correct then I could buy an email list of 1 million email addresses and make millions right?

Totally Wrong.

You must create your list with targeted subscribers, who are interested in what you have to say.

Then you must keep your list happy so they stay responsive to your emails.

Building a email list in not only one of the most important goals of any internet marketer, however is very time consuming and it can take years to build a quality email list.

Building a email list can be super easy actually, if you know how. However, if you want to build a list AND make a profit at the same time, that’s another story altogether.

I often hear people say, just build a list and the money follows.

With this mindset you will FAIL!

Nothing could be further from the truth.

No matter how big your email list becomes, if you are not making money from it right away, its better not even starting one at all!

Questions to ask yourself about your email list:

Is my email list growing daily?

Am I actually making money with my list?

Can I make profits as soon as someone opts into my list?

Am I building a list and getting paid at the same time?

Can I sell affiliate offers to my list and actually make money?

Do I manage my list properly to keep it super responsive so I can make money every month for years to come?

Do you want to know how to create a successful email list?

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