How To Make A Profitable Website With Adsense

In this post I want to show you how to make a profitable website with Adsense.

We have covered how to choose the correct keywords to build a site around. We also learned how to check for competition in google before you build a new site.

Now we will be actually putting together your adsense site. We will talk about the following:

  • best themes to use
  • the type of layout to use for max CTR
  • best colors to use for your adsense blocks backgrounds
  • best ad blocks and where to place them on your site
  • what WP plugins to use
  • other important steps you must take when building a new adsense site

OK, so lets get going on how to make a profitable website with Adsense.

You should have already purchased your new domain name. You should of already checked the main keyword to make sure it meets the criteria laid out in previous posts. Also you should of checked the keyword in Google to make sure there’s not too much competition. Plus can you rank that keyword in a reasonable time frame.

As long as you have these steps complete, then the next thing you want to do is to start building your blog/site. You do of course need to point your nameservers to your hosting, and upload a wordpress blog in your C panel.  I’m not going to go through these steps, as its something that you should already know how to do. If you don’t then search in YouTube for some videos to learn how to do those steps. It is very simple.

The first thing you need to do is decide on a theme before anything else.  Look for themes in WP Themes section or on Google that will work well for adsense or advertising. You can always change your theme in the future.

Once your theme is installed simply go to theme options and paste in your adsense code in the places where you want them to appear.

Now, the best type of layout to use for your blogs/sites that I have found is the 336×280 ad block right at the start of each page including your home page (before any content).

Go to your widgets area and drag a text widget over to the sidebar and put another adsense block there, this time using a 160×600 ad block.

Only have 2 adsense blocks on your blog/site, one right at the top and the other in your right sidebar (at the very top of your sidebar).

Don’t include any Adsense ads until you have some content on your blog/site!

By using the best adsense colors on your blogs/sites you will make the most money. Your adsense ads should blend in to your content so that your site still has a nice feel to it. Make sure your blog/site still looks easy to navigate. NEVER include a border on your ad blocks. Always make sure the border is the same color as your background color. The color depends on where the ad is going to be placed (usually white).

I’ve tried many different colors but I have had best results using the standard Google blue color for the title. With the text and URL both being a light grey color. You can still notice the grey colors but no where near as much as black (which is what many people use). By using grey you will increase your CTR sometimes by a great margin! This works because the blue titles of the ads stand out more when you have a light grey text underneath. If you have black text and URLs it doesn’t work as well.  That little super tip there could make you some really good extra money, all on its own.

Next things to do are just a few basic steps. They take about 5 minutes.

Go to Settings, in the Site Title include your main keyword capitalizing each first letter of the keyword.

You can include your main keyword in the Tagline as well.

Enter your Email, make sure you set it up in your hosting account. Or use a free Gmail address.

Next go to Writing and include all of these ping services. Just copy and paste them into the large box in Writing in your Settings panel under Update Services.

Now go to Reading and make sure show Latest Posts is selected and “blog pages show at most” is set to only 1. That will be your home page so you only want 1 page of content on your home page.

Next go to Discussion and make sure “Allow people to post comments on new articles” is de-selected (you don’t want people commenting on your site it will lower click through and distract people.

Last go to Permalinks and select custom structure and include this /%postname%/ – this will help with your SEO big time. Do not forget this step!

That is it, you are done!

That can be done in a five minutes.

The plugins that I use that are vital for your wordpress sites are as follows.

  • Yoast SEO – helps with SEO for your site.
  • WP Legal Pages – creates professional legal pages in 1 simple step.
  • Ad Inserter – WordPress Ads Management
  • Google XML Sitemaps –  creates a XML sitemap ( use this in your webmaster account).
  • Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP) – Uses your Google Analytics account.

A few extra things you must also do:

Include these pages:

  • About us
  • Contact us

Set Up Google Analytics so that you can track and see where your traffic is coming from and also how much traffic you are getting.

This is exactly what I do with all of my sites. Once this is all done then you can add your first piece of good unique content. Add your adsense ads after you add few more pieces of content.

You will need to configure all of your plugins but it’s easy.

This post should have made things clearer as to how you should be doing the steps with your new sites.

4 Bonus Tips:

Rather than add all of your content really quickly try and drip feed your site by adding one article say every day for a week. Then adding content every two to three days over a few weeks that way it will keep the search engine spiders coming back to your site.

The only thing you should do to new site for the first month is social bookmark some of your content. Don’t build too many links too quickly to a new site. Just have some patience. Keep adding good unique content and over a few weeks you will begin to see some traffic. Then you can start to build some more links.

Remember you don’t have to have an awesome looking site with all the bells and whistles in order for it to make money. People like clean and easy to navigate sites, not ones with loads of banners, ads, links, pictures and widgets everywhere. Keep things clean!

If a site starts to do well and you feel you would like to brighten it up a little with maybe a customized header and a bit more color on the site, do it.

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I hope you have found this information useful,


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