How To Make Extra Money Without Any Extra Traffic

I thought I would share some great tips as to how to make extra money by just adding some links to your sites.

Now the way in which to do this is very cool just add some amazon affiliate links or clickbank links to your sites. Do it in such a way that it does not effect your adsense earnings at all.

This is how to make extra money:

First thing is don’t use any widgets like pictures or any big rectangle widgets that spin and revolve and stuff. Now, this is crucial. All you do is use all text links but ONLY in certain places.

When a visitor comes to your site and you monetize it with adsense you of course will want someone to click in order for you to earn. We know not everyone does click. So the people that do stay on your site, well some will scroll down your site to see what else there is. What you do is hyper link the keyword for the page about half way down in the content pointing to amazon for the relevant item which the page is about. Then also have a small sentence at the bottom of your post saying something like “click here for the best deals on xyz all at great prices” and also link that to amazon, again to the relevant item in amazon which your post is about.

Add 2 links like this ONLY for your post one in the middle of the content and one right at the bottom. DON’T put a hyper link too far up in your content otherwise it will distract your traffic from clicking your adsense ads. You only want the people clicking your amazon links that have decided not to click your adsense ads. That way your giving your traffic an alternative and making you potentially much more money.

That is how to make extra money with the same amount of traffic!

All your internal pages should be set up a little different. However still DON’T add any hyper links to amazon or clickbank to high up in the content for the same reason as mentioned above. Only usually put one hyper link in for amazon in any internal pages. Also hyper link another keyword or sometimes two to other internal pages, this is just for your internal linking.

Doing things this way your adsense still performs very well along with making a good extra amount with amazon or clickbank with no extra traffic. If you don’t do this you can be leaving a lot of money on the table. The good news is you now know this. If you have any sites with amazon on them try adding text links instead of using widgets and pictures and see how much more you earn.

I believe people click the text links more as that’s what people are used to. Not only that but widgets and pictures clearly show what product they are going to look at so that will greatly reduce your CTR. By using text links your traffic can’t see anything until they get to amazon but by that time the cookie has already dropped. If that person buys anything in the next 24 hours you will get a commission from what ever they purchase.

I hope you have found this useful. This one tip can earn you extra money for no extra work.

Remember this works with clickbank also.

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Watch for my next post on “How to Check Your Competition in Google” you wont want to miss this!

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