How I Would Make $3K Monthly From Scratch

This is How I Would Make $3K Monthly From Scratch!

Do you want to make 3K per month from scratch?

I’m talking about every single month.

Not just 1 month…

I’m talking about 3K every single month.

Just like clockwork…

YES? Then keep reading.

Are you still with me?


OK, Here we go…

We need to use a recurring income system…

To produce income that comes in every month.

So we need a recurring product or service to sell.

STEP 1 – Create a recurring product or service (or get this done
for you one).

Here are some ideas for a recurring product or service:

A monthly newsletter
Start a mastermind program or FB group
A digital goodie box or membership
Start a monthly email coaching program

You need to create or find a recurring product or service to sell.

The fastest way would be to grab PLR rights to products and start a membership site.

STEP 2 – Create a squeeze page.

Give something away to build an email list.

Yes build an email list, so you can email them about your product or service.

STEP 3 – As soon as your visitors optin direct them to your
recurring product or service.

This will generate a good portion of instant sales for you.

STEP 4 – Write an informative email to your email list
every single day, yes every single day, with a link to
your recurring product or service at the end of the emails you write.

Do not miss a day. Schedule your emails in advance so you do not forget.

That’s the simple plan. Stick to it.

Now, all you have to do is just drive traffic to your squeeze page.

Use free FB groups, forums, solo ads, social networks,
any advertising you can think of to get visitors.

You system will be set up and you will get to the point
where you will have 30+ emails pre-written in your autoresponder.

Everyone who subscribes will get all these emails.

Each day send out a new email via broadcast in your autoresponder.

Add the best of these broadcast emails to your follow up sequence.

Eventually you will only need to send out broadcast emails when you want to.

But in the beginning stay consistent.

People don’t buy the first time around, it takes an average of
7 interactions with something before they purchase.

There’s the plan in a nutshell.

Let me just give you some numbers on how this would
make you 3K per month very fast.

Lets say your goal would be to get 20 subscribers per day
from your squeeze page which is very easy.

So 20 subscribers x 30 days = 600 people on your email list.

In one month 600 subscribers.

Lets say you mail them every single day with your
recurring product or service for 30 days.

Lets say 5% (very conservative estimate) purchase your product or service.

Lets say your charging $19.97 per month for your product or service.

Just 5% of your subscribers buy = 30 buyers.

30 sales@ $20(to make it easy = $600 per month recurring every month.

Yes this will come in every single month, yes some people will cancel,
but you the get the picture.

You do this plan for 180 days at this same pace you would have after 6 months…


After just 180 days – 6 months – $3000 a month.

For most people that is JOB quitting income.

How would you like that kind of income?

Lets say you want like to hit 3K a month faster.

Just increase the amount of leads you get per day to 50.

Every single day you focus on getting 50 subscribers on your email list.

You would make = $1000 in recurring profits in 30 days.

In 60 days you would make = $2000 every month.

In 90 days $3000 a month.

Do you see how powerful this is?

Its absolutely crazy, isn’t it?

How fast you can hit 3K per month?

How about 5K per month?

There is a very solid plan you can go and run with!

Start today!

The one sticking point people always get hung up on, is they say…

I cant create a recurring product.

Or, I don’t have the skills or knowledge on how to create products.

Well let me just squash that hurdle for you RIGHT HERE and NOW!

Then go buy or get PLR products you can use to give to your members every month.

If you are making $1000 month don’t you think you can invest in $100 of PLR products?

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