When Life Does Not Go As Planned

OK, let’s talk about when life does not go as planned. Most of us do not like
the “black and blue eye” when our business doesn’t always go as we had planned.
We are not the only ones to have experienced failure in our lives.
We all have lessons to learn.

The stark reality of not succeeding is an opportunity to learn and grow.

You may know these following facts of history. They are just some things to keep in mind when you think times are tough for you.
Donald Trump has declared bankruptcy at least four times in his life.
How about the life of Abraham Lincoln.
Here is a list of his many failures.
1. In February of 1832. He lost his job and was defeated for the Illinois State Legislature.
2. In 1833- He failed in business and filed bankruptcy.
3. 1835 -His sweetheart died.
4. In 1836 -He had a nervous breakdown.
5. In 1838 -Lost his bid for Illinois Speaker of the House.
6. 1843- He lost his nomination for the US Congress.
7. 1848 -Again lost his renomination for the US Congress.
8. In 1849 -He was rejected for his bid for US Land Officer.
9. In 1854 -Defeated for the US Senate.
10. 1856 -Defeated for nomination for US Vice President.
11. In 1858 – Again Defeated for the US Senate.
Now, during this span of troubled times, Lincoln also had many successes. Just like Donald Trump has had many successes in between his failures.
They learned from their many failures. They was persistent and they never gave up.

We all can come back from whatever adversity strikes us.

We just have to be persistent and never give up.
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I hope you enjoyed this post.
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