How To Make Money From A Membership Site

The traffic methods I will offer below will show you How To Make Money From A Membership Site!

There are many ways you can advertise or promote your membership website.

Membership sites seem to be the best kept secret in internet marketing.

I am currently a member of  a few membership sites. One of the best known is “The Quick Start Challenge” with Dean Holland and Craig Crawford.

Who makes a lot of money with these Memberships??

Certainly it’s not the affiliates you can get to promote it. Barring a few super affiliates, most
struggle in making more than a few grands per month.

It’s the owners who make the most money. The ordinary affiliates just make chump change.

How Membership marketing works:

Memberships can make you money in no time.

When starting a membership you are creating your own product.

After getting your membership product online, you would like to get affiliates to drive
traffic to your sales page. This is where most newbies struggle. It’s not an easy job for a
newcomer to get affiliates. Most of the established affiliates want to promote products
of other established marketers.

The bigger affiliate networks have tens of thousands of super affiliates and there are
not many info marketers who are using these networks to drive traffic to the membership sites.

You can use this as a big advantage for yourself.

You can pay out 100% of your front end to affiliates to get them to drive traffic for you.

As an example say your membership monthly fee is $19.95 you can pay out 100% of that.

Plus, you can still pay the affiliate 50% every month that customer stays with your membership.

The money you make on the Upsells, Downsells and back-ends are all yours
to keep. Never forget, you can make a list of thousands of qualified prospects with the help
of these affiliates. The money making opportunities on the back-end are virtually endless.

You will make money after the front end sale because you get to
keep all the profits from UPsells, Downsells and back-end promotions.

There are a few steps you’ll need to follow so your offer runs profitably:

1) Create Your Product On something which has a big market:

When you are going to make money via memberships, you would like to create a
membership site on something which has a big demand like health related products, biz
opportunity offers, personal development, dating.

Sometimes you’ll experience the highest level of success by walking on a road less
traveled. Yes,if you can identify profitable niches with low competition early on then
money will never be scarce for you again. However, I always say do not re-invent the wheel.

2) Create An Appealing Backend:

This is where the actual money is made. That is how all these “Risk Free Trials (RFTs)” make
their money.The money you make on the front end sales are peanuts. Here is an example:
This membership owner introduces a continuity program .He offers a subscription for
updated content at $19.95/month. Let me assume that an average customer remains a
subscriber for 6 months. So overall the owner makes $120 per sale before paying the
commissions. Now say he sells a backend for $97 and 100 subscribers take him up on it.
He just made $9700. This is the power of backends. That is how all these owners make
much more on the backend.

To create a backend, you just need to put in a little more time. A backend is naturally
created when you are selling membership sites.

Creating backend for an info product is not a big deal. You just need to create your
front end product on something which has some further potential you can add to.
Say your main product is on the topic of “Product Launches” then you can sell a membership to
a site where your buyers get a new product on monthly basis with resale rights.
If you are selling some video course then you can turn it into a monthly subscription
where new videos are added every month.

3) Write A Compelling Sales Letter:

No matter how great your product is, you can’t expect to get a lot of sales if your sales
letter is not impressive. Copywriting is the greatest skill you can learn in this world. It’s
not difficult and you can master it with constant practice. My advice: learn it as soon as
you can. You’ll reap it’s reward for the rest of your life.

4) Create An Attractive Promotional Package:

It’s advisable that you provide your affiliates some nice looking creatives.
Create some banners, build a keywords list and create email swipes for your affiliates.

Just remember millions of dollars of sales are generated through these networks per day
getting traffic from their affiliates are a great way to grow your membership rapidly.

Affiliates will be most interested in your conversions. In general make sure your conversion
rates are good. 10% is a great conversion rate. 5 to 7% is good.

Some networks use “EPC”(Earnings per click).

How do you calculate EPC?

Suppose you drive 100 visitors to your offer and generate 2 sales.Your product is priced
at $50.
Total revenue =$100
EPC=$100/100= $1
So tell your affiliates and the network your EPC on your product has a “$1
EPC”. Affiliates will be flocking to your offer.

Offer The Highest Possible Payouts:

The most exciting thing you can offer to affiliates is money. It arouses their interest to
the highest degree. Offer them the highest payout you can. If possible ,offer them 100% of
your front end profits as commission. If you have measured your profits from
upsells, downsells and backend sales, you can offer them 100% payout on the Front

Always adjust the different component of your offer (front product, OTOs and backend
promotions) in such a way that you can offer more commission than your
competitors. You’ll find the networks accepting your offer and the super affiliates
flocking to it in no time.

Get Proper Customer Support Before Rolling Out Your Offer:

This thing is absolute crucial. With increasing sales,the support request volume also
increases. There will be customer queries, there will be prospects’ questions and there will
be support requests from the affiliates. In order to keep your business going, you’ll need
to keep everyone happy.

If you have in-house support team then it’s great otherwise find people at sites such as
Elance, GetAFreelancer etc. and train them properly before your offer is rolled out at the

If your product is related to a broad market, there will be a broad range of questions
too. Try to educate your customer support executives as much as possible. Your aim
should be to keep the customer grievance to the minimum. Angry customers mean a lot
of refunds and that is a very bad thing in marketing. Why? Because commissions are
deducted from affiliates’ accounts for the refunded sales and you’ll have refunds deducted from
your accounts also.

Collect The Cash And Grow Your Business:

This is most exciting part of the whole story. If your offer is attractive, you’ll start raking
in five figure monthly profits. It’s not uncommon for the popular offers to make high five to
six figures profits per month. It can be a dream come true for anyone.

The next step is to scale up and grow your business. If you have your offer at one of the
major networks, try to get it on others too. Actually it becomes pretty easy to get accepted
by others once you are accepted by a big one.

As your offer gets presence at many networks, you may also need to upgrade your
hosting, payment processing and customer support.

If you are ambitious, the next step will be that of duplication. Once you have tasted success in
one niche, it becomes easier to roll out other high converting offers in other niches. My
advice is that, you should first try to extract as much profits from your existing product as
possible before diversifying into other niches.

Improve your ads, your sales copy, customer support, upsells, follow ups and back-end products
and try to squeeze maximum possible profits from your existing customer base before
starting new ventures.

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