How To Do Your Keyword Research For Adsense Niche Sites

I have decided to make a follow up post about how to do keyword research for adsense niche sites. When you build a new site for adsense you should have the intention of building your site out to at least 10 to 20 pages or posts which ever you use. Building a one page site is certainly something I would never recommend. Google will favor your site more  if it’s a fairly healthy size. Its in your best interest to make your site a fairly decent size.

If you take your online business seriously then you will want to spend some time checking the Google keyword tool. You want to see if you are able to build a healthy size site with relevant keywords. Remember 10 to 20 pages with a good keyword which meets the criteria as laid out in the first keyword research post.

If you have found your keyword to make your site around. Then you need to choose another additional 19 keywords that are based around the main keyword you will create content around.

Here is an example:

Main Keyword – Internet Marketing For Beginners

Keyword 1 – How To Build A Email List

Keyword 2 – How Affiliate Marketing Works

Keyword 3 – How To Create Your First Product

Keyword 4 – How To Build Your Blog

And on and on.

Then for each keyword all you do is create 5 articles for all your keywords. Include your main keyword and you will have many pieces (articles) of content. Some keywords that you find may not have enough enough traffic for you to create a 10 – 20 page site around. So I would not bother with those keywords. There are plenty of available keywords around for you to use, you just have to find them.

A few tips when building a bigger site 10 – 20 pages and some additional things to consider:

  • Don’t buy a product name – domain name because you don’t want to build a site out to 50 pages only to be told to take it down by the main company.
  • Get out of the mentality of just building a site around a few pages. I’m not saying build 50 pages. However the bigger the site you have with more content the more SEO traffic you will attract as time goes on.
  • If your site is a healthy size then you could end up making more affiliate sales as people may trust your site more as being legitimate with accurate information.
  • When choosing your 10 to 20 keywords make sure you go for keywords with traffic around 250 up to 1000 exact monthly traffic. If you start going above 1000 the competition can get a lot more competitive. So just go for the low hanging fruit you will rank easier and faster.
  • DON’T think that you need to create 50+ sites to make a decent return from your adsense sites. If you build fewer sites with more pages and content you will do just as well if not better. Plus you will have less sites to maintain and work on.
  • When choosing keywords for your site, choose the keywords that get plenty of searches. Of course they need to have quite a few relevant keywords under them in the Google keyword tool.
  • Don’t only use nested keywords. For example if your keyword was Internet Marketing For Beginners then a nesting keyword is a keyword with that keyword in it like “Internet Marketing For Beginners Reviews” or “The Best Internet Marketing For Beginners Reviews”. Make sure you use other relevant keywords which you can find from the Google keyword tool making sure the “relevance” is selected when doing a search from a chosen keyword.
  • Before you choose any new keyword you of course need to check that keyword in Google for competition.

I hope you have found this useful and it makes things a little clearer before buying your next domain. I would definitely recommend putting amazon or clickbank on your sites as well. Not all at the same time, amazon and adsense seem to work well on the same site. CPA and adsense is another option or clickbank and adsense. But usually before I choose a keyword to build a site around I always make sure it has products in amazon with good reviews. This is very important if you want to make regular sales from amazon also.

Just to clarify, you really don’t need a ton of sites in order to make a reasonable income from adsense and amazon.

I want to let you in on something. Now, this is a great membership site where you can get niche websites built for you every month for free. This is a fantastic resource to start with, just click on the link below to get started today for free.

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Watch for my next post you wont want to miss it!

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  1. Thanks for the really helpful list of keyword tools, I am looking for some more long tail keywords to use for future blog posts so I am sure I’ll be using one or more of these tools you suggest.

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