How To Do Keyword Research For Adsense Niche Sites

Learning How To Do Keyword Research For Adsense Niche Sites is one of the most important parts of the entire process of building a new website for adsense. If you get this wrong no matter how good everything else is your going to find it very difficult to make money.

This does apply when making money with places like amazon and clickbank or even when marketing your own product as well.

When ever you build a new adsense site its vital that all keywords you choose have these 2 things. Traffic and Buyers! If any of these are not present then your going to be fighting an uphill battle from the first day.

Here are some secret ways I have discovered of finding new keywords. Products – This is a great place where you can find lots of keywords in lots of different categories. The best part is these are things that are searched for the most so there is plenty of demand. – is a great place to start looking as you can see what’s selling, plus lots more golden information you can always use.

Google products – You can search through and get lots of keywords, you can find great seed keywords to start with here. – Search through each category but only look at the most viewed articles at the bottom of the page. That way you know there is plenty of traffic or demand for that particular keyword. Here is a great trick to use in Google, type this into Google changing what ever parts you want to search for – “This article has been viewed 1000..199999” “Article Submitted On: * *, 2010”, etc. Try different variations to open up a whole new world.

Once you have found a keyword that you think could be a good one. The first thing you need to do is open up the Google adwords keyword tool. Type in the keyword change the location to “all of the world” and change the keyword match to “exact”. DO NOT use phrase or broad match. Exact will give you a much better traffic indication. Make sure there are at least 2500 global monthly searches on exact match. But for keywords that have a high CPC you can sometimes go a little lower then 2500. If the keyword has good enough traffic the next step is to go to and enter in your keyword there to see how many advertisers are bidding on that keyword. This step is absolutely vital as it will tell you if people are spending money on that keyword or not.

If there are at least 6 advertisers then you are good to go but anything  less than 6 I don’t usually bother with it. Obviously the more advertisers the better, that means that the keyword is profitable and there are buyers. Otherwise advertisers wouldn’t be wasting there money on it. Also check the cost per click and make sure the minimum is around $0.50 but of course the higher the better. If you have a keyword that goes for $0.75 then that is a very good CPC. However, if  you have a high CPC but no advertisers then that is not a good keyword. If you have advertisers but the CPC is very low then that will be a waste of time as well. Unless you can send massive traffic to that keyword, because the CPC that you end up getting paid will be hardly anything.

I know one thing that some people teach is to only go for keywords that pay over $1.00 per click. I don’t use this approach because so many people use this way it gets harder to find keywords in that criteria. Instead think outside the box and go a little lower that way most other marketers don’t go for them. Going for keywords under a CPC of $1.00 is still extremely profitable because having a few sites that have an average CPC between $0.40 and $0.80 can be earning you a few hundred dollars a month each and every month. Plus they will continue to earn more every month.

If your keyword doesn’t meet the criteria of those two criteria then I wouldn’t bother with it as there are plenty more profitable keywords out there to use.

There is of course one more step to do and that is too find if the .com .net or .org domains are available. If none of those domains are available then again I just move on. But it is totally up to you. I have had success using one generic domain such as my name and using sub domains or directories that match my keyword to host my adsense sites on.

Here is a quick round up how to do keyword research for adsense at a glance:

1. Check for keywords using shopping sites and ezine articles website

2. Use Google keyword tool to check traffic for at least 2500 exact match searches

3. Use Spyfu to check for advertisers and a CPC price of at least $0.50

4. Check domain availability for the keyword .com, .net or .org or use a generic domain with a sub domain or directory added matching your keyword

WARNING: You need to make sure that the competition is not too difficult on page 1 of Google for your keyword. DON’T buy anything until you do this. I will be explaining how to do this step in my next post so don’t miss it!

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