A Cool Traffic Method Free WSO for Just $20

I wanted to share something with you that has been working really well for me. It is a Free WSO listing.

The warrior forum has a WSO listing price at only $20.

This means you only have to make back $20 in order to cover your investment.

And seriously it’s not that hard.

You can of course post a paid offer. I have been using the free method to build my list sending the traffic to my squeeze page. Then I present a paid offer after people opt in.

It has been working really well. I’m adding dozens of subscribers to my list each day just from free WSO’s. I am also adding buyers to my list at the same time. I’m paying $20 for the free wso and getting anywhere from 35 – 60 new subscribers.

Sometimes, I will make sales from my $9.95 front end product and sometimes from other products in my sales funnel.

Also I am making sales within my follow up emails which is making it even easier to make back my $20 investment for the free WSO.

Traffic from forums is one of the best kinds of traffic you can generate since it’s lazer targeted.

Here are a few tips on how to make the posting of a free WSO very profitable

1. Make sure you are selling something on your thank you page. This is the page people see after they click submit on
your squeeze page.

This is an ideal time to try to recoup some of your advertisement dollars. So make sure you use it to your advantage. Otherwise you are going to make it hard to make your free WSO’s profitable.

2. I’m currently using Digi Results (https://www.digiresults.com/) to track all of my traffic campaigns. You can get set up for completely free. All you do is use the in house tracking feature that they provide. Whenever you make a sale you will know which traffic method that sale came from.

For each WSO I simply set up a new tracking link which takes literally one second to swap out a number.

You can only use this tracking though if you have your own product.

3. Make sure you have a half decent sales funnel in place, so you stand the best chance of making something back from your $20 investment. Having just a main product that you sell on the thank you page is a good start but expanding your sales funnel is your priority. So that you can make your campaigns much more profitable.

4. Test different times to post your free WSO. I sometimes post in the mornings, sometimes afternoons and other times in the evening. You can look at the warrior forum stats in each section to see who is online when but don’t always think you should post your WSO at the busiest time. A lot of other people do the same which could result in it not being a great time to post.

That is why I alternate the times I post so just be a bit flexible.

5. Create a new squeeze page and web form for each free WSO. For each traffic method and free WSO I post I create a brand new squeeze page and web form. It’s much easier than it sounds as I just clone my squeeze pages and then upload the new web form code.

6. Your follow up sequence is a great way to generate more sales from the traffic. You can get some sales from your free WSO offer this way. So make sure you make the most of your follow up emails. Making a few sales in your follow up sequence could be the difference between profiting or breaking even.

7. A higher opt in rate is not always best and will not necessarily make you more money when building your list.

8. Scale things up when you know your sales funnel is converting. I am currently buying a new WSO almost every day. If you generate say 50 new subscribers per free WSO then doing 5 in a week would be 250 new subscribers per week.

That is 1000 new subscribers per month.

Not bad considering you only spend $400 and you could quite easily make most of that back and may even be in profit if your sales funnel is working well.

Those were some of my tips so hopefully you find them useful when doing free WSO’s.

Now start using this great traffic source to build your own list.

Here is a Free Course on How to Build an Email List!

Find Success,


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