Best Method To Rank Any YouTube Video Quickly

Here is a checklist showing you the Best Method To Rank Any YouTube Video Quickly.

If you make YouTube videos and you want to rank those videos fast so you can make money quickly, then this is what you have been looking for.

Lets get right into the checklist!

This is the Best Method To Rank Any YouTube Video Quickly.

***The YouTube Video Fast Ranking Checklist***

These first 3 steps are done on your Computer with the video file you have created:

1. Create the video in 16:9 ratio, 720P (1280×720)pixel HD.
2. The Video file name will be the main keyword you want to rank for.
3. In the video file details (Right click on the video file and click details):
a. Title will be the video file name.
b. Subtitle place other relevant keywords here.
c. Enter some relevant and related tags here.
d. Write a relevant related comment for here.

These next 4 steps will be done on YouTube after or as you are uploading your video:

4. Use the Default video upload settings:
a. Set the video as unlisted.
b. Set the category for your video.
c. Set the language.
5. The video title will have the main keyword in it.
6. As for the video description:
a. the Description will be minimum 300-500 words for Google Ranking.
b. First line of the description will have the video title included in a general sentence ending with a full stop or period(.) Also whatever your money making link is should be included as close to the beginning of the first sentence as possible.
c. Use keywords in the video description.
d. The video link will be inserted into the description.
e. Enter your social media links, like your facebook page, FB group and/or  your twitter link as follows “Follow us: Google+ | Facebook”.
f. Write: “Subscribe to our channel” in the description.
g. Enter related keywords or search terms as much as possible into the description.
7. Enclose tags that will be your keywords with the first one being the main keyword/video related popular channel name of your competition. Enter as many tags as much as possible.

These next step will be done on your Computer with the thumbnail file you have created:

8. Create a 1280×720 pixel thumbnail and name it with the main keyword. Thumbnail file details will be as follows (Right click on thumbnail file and click details):
a. Title will be the thumbnail name.
b. Subtitle will be some related keywords.
c. Enter some related tags.
d. Write a related comment.

Now the Final steps are to:

9. If all is done with the video, publish and monetize it.
10. Do any off page SEO within 24 Hours.
11. Backlinks to do:
a. FaceBook-10, Twitter-10, YouTube Comments-10, and use any other social sites recommended by YouTube.
b. Embed your video on any site even a site will do, it is free.
12. Make a minimum of 10 instant views within 24hours,  just do not do these 10 views yourself or YouTube will penalize your video.

As you see from the above checklist it is a tedious process to rank your videos as high as possible on YouTube. However, with this checklist in hand it does become a lot easier, since you can follow along and do it step by step.

If you get stuck on any step you can always do a Google search on it to find more information on the topic. Also do a YouTube search to find videos on the topic you need help with.

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