How To Make Your Online Business Google Proof

You are probably thinking what does How To Make Your Online Business Google Proof mean?

I’m talking about making sure that you are building a long term online business which is both profitable and stable without Google. As you know there are many different ways to create an online income. If you really are serious about building some wealth online then you need to consider building assets that don’t rely on Google.

When I say building assets I mean building an email list which you will own and have full control over.

If you have been checking out my blog then you would of know that I recommend using adsense, clickbank and amazon as your income streams. You would of also of read that I’m a firm believer of sticking to only 1 or 2 business models until you have had some reasonable success and you have made it work for you! (This is very important!)

It’s also important that you don’t get too carried away with only using these types of income streams to rely on. You can earn some great money from them, but you are not in total control over your online business.

If your using amazon or adsense and getting FREE traffic then in most cases your going to be getting most of your traffic from search engines. This is absolutely fine at first. However, do you really want the future of your income and online business resting solely in the hands of the search engines?

I hope you understand how risky that is. It is seriously risky. Google can change their algorithms anytime they want. That change could seriously damage your online business and income.

I know some people have built a very substantial income from just SEO but it is not something that I would recommend.

In case you were wondering, this blog post did not come about because I’ve been hit hard by the search engines or I’ve lost traffic.

How To Make Your Online Business Google Proof

If you are making a good income from SEO. Don’t sit sit back and relax and think everything’s great. Because although things are growing nicely you want to build some long term assets like building a good email list of customers.

With that being said, I decided to focus on affiliate marketing and using products from clickbank. I love clickbank and really enjoy seeing those commissions appear in my account. I am going to be building my clickbank income but I will be building a good list at the same time which will be one of my assets.

There is no way that I am going to send another person directly to a sales page ever again. It makes me sick the thought of how much traffic we lose from our hard work. Anyway, I’ve finally built my first clickbank sales funnel which is almost complete. All I can say is it feels so much better knowing that all my traffic is not going to waste because I am building an email list.

How To Set It All Up To Build Your List?

Create a good squeeze page and thank you page using one of the many page builders online.

Outsource or create from PLR a  report that you use as a giveaway to build your list. You can even create a squeeze page that is cleverly promoting a paid product  and then send your customers there after they opt in.

On your Thank You page offer links to a couple of affiliate products.

Build traffic going to your squeeze page through social media or solo ads.

That is very basic I know but that’s pretty much how to set everything up to start building your email list.

Something You Should Note!

Check out some of the links you find online and see how many people are building their lists. I think it will amaze you how many marketers send their traffic directly to an offer with out building a list.

Are you building a list yet?

If your not building a list yet maybe its time you started doing it.

My Unfair Advantage!

Build your email list,