An Active Daily Practice Of Gratitude

An active daily practice of gratitude, is one of the fastest ways to get into a positive mindset. That positive mindset, can help you achieve greatness each and every day.

An active practice of gratitude is like a gift being offered up to you on a silver platter. Don’t pay lip service to gratitude, like many people do. Look at gratitude as a primary spiritual teaching tool.

I read, meditated, corresponded with friends and colleagues and worked to grow my own gratitude. In short, I was amazed at my results! Practicing gratitude significantly expanded and deepened my own spiritual experience.

After many years of study, prayer and meditation. I found engaging in an active practice of Gratitude took my spiritual work to places I had only dreamed of! Today I understand that the two most powerful words in the English Language are: Thanks and Gratitude.

Let Me Explain.

If I were to ask you what the single most important thing you could do to improve your emotional well being, enhance your health and actually add up to nine years to your life, what would you choose? Meditation? Yoga? Diet? Psychotherapy? Meditation is great. Yoga will improve your emotional state. What is the one thing you could do to improve everything about your life including your emotional health, your physical well being and your lifespan? Answer, move into a daily practice of gratitude.

An active daily practice of gratitude can quite literally, change your life.

It is the most powerful spiritual resource you have. It is unlike anything else you will ever experience.

Feeling grateful generates a ripple effect through out every aspect of your life. Potentially satisfying some of your deepest yearnings. It will help you find happiness, have healthier relationships and find more inner peace. People are moved, opened and humbled through the experiences of gratitude.

Actively engaging in the practice of gratitude maximizes the enjoyment of our lives. It also significantly reduces the impact of all our difficulties.

Without gratitude, life can seem lonely, depressed and impoverished.

Want to be more compassionate? Work on your gratitude.

Want more inner peace and joy? Work on your gratitude.

Need more patience? Work on your gratitude.

Want to reduce your stress in your life? Would you like to live longer? Want to heal more quickly? Would you like to be healthier?

You get the point. Work on your gratitude.

Gratitude does this by creating new contexts through which we process the occurrences of our lives. It is our perspective on life that determines our ability to experience gratitude to its fullest potential.

How to Manifest Anything You Want into Your Life!

All the best,