30 Steps To Internet Marketing Online Success

This is the exact internet marketing step by step process that once taken, will put you on the same path all other internet marketers have taken as well, in order to succeed. These are the 30 steps to internet marketing online success.

30 Steps To Internet Marketing Online Success:

1. You are sick and tired of trying to make ends meet with a Job. Your fed up with never having any extra money in your bank to do the things you want to do.

2. You scan the internet and YouTube where you are constantly see ads, and videos of people saying “How they make $100 or more dollars a day online while sitting on the beach sipping cocktails”.

3. Next, you ask a few friends if they know anything about Internet Marketing. They say not to bother with all of that trash, it’s all a scam and it’s not worth your time!

4. You are still attracted to the thought of making all that easy money. So you decide to investigate a little further. To try to find out if all this is real or not.

5. The more you search, the more videos and ads you find saying ” It’s simple, all I do is work 30 minutes a day pushing a few buttons and my PC turns into an ATM machine!”

6. Now, you start to think to yourself that this must all be a load of  crap.  But then you ask yourself, what if it’s NOT?

7. You decide to actually try one of these programs to see if it’s really possible to make money online.

8. You decide I’m going to buy into one of these programs. I will look for someone that looks and sounds honest.

9. A little later you find a program on YouTube that says you can earn loads of money fast with little work. So you buy this program with money that you can’t afford to spend.

10. After a few days of buying the course above, you realize you lack the technical skills to be able to use the program. Plus the system is really confusing and seems difficult.

Before or at this step is where most people give up!

11. You watch lots of videos, read some eBooks, listen to gurus tell you about how much money they’re making and you decide to keep looking around the internet for something simple to do.

12. You end up buying more eBooks, video courses, and products over the next few months and years.

13. By now you have a few websites built. You have got some technical skills and experience also by  now. Your NOT as dumb as you were when you first came online looking to make money.

14. Your websites are actually starting to make a few bucks a month. Maybe things are starting to turn around for you.

15. You are constantly looking around the internet for extra tips on how to make more money from your websites.

16. There is a lot of different information on the web, telling you what you should and should not be doing with your websites. Some of the information tells you how to get more traffic.

17. By now you have tried so many different traffic methods and spent so long trying to get more traffic to your sites, but it all just seems to be a complete failure.

18. After many months of struggles and more failures you now have built up a list of things that do not work and waste your time.

19. By this time you are being very careful with what you buy. Still you buy lots more courses and products, because you think that the next course will be the one which fits all the pieces of the puzzle together for you.

20. Soon you start to realize that with everything you buy, none of it explains everything you need to know. Sometimes you believe some things are left out on purpose to get you to buy another product.

21. By this time you have spent a couple of years busting your butt online. You have spent thousands of dollars on learning. Yes, you have made some money. But its just been so damn hard, that you often think “Is this really worth the time that I put into it?”

This is where Everything Finally Falls into Place!

22. THEN FINALLY, you find someone online that is responsible for being the last piece of the puzzle that you needed in order to start making better money online. Again it cost you a pretty penny to learn from this person.

23. Now, you are internet marketing savvy and are wise to this career.

24. You have had more failures than you care to remember. Also, you have spent and lost a lot of money. You have been ridiculed by your friends and family. You are embarrassed by the fact that you bought into all that BS that the guru`s push online.

25. Now, you have found someone that you really can trust. You know they are one of the few good guys online. You can begin to take there advice seriously and start having faith in the stuff that you implement really will work for you.

26. After a few months of implementing the system, the methods and the strategies that you have learned, you start seeing regular commissions paid to you.

27. At this point you finally know it all works. Now, you just need to increase everything you are doing so you can get more money coming in. So you begin to scale everything up for more success.

28. You keep on building sites, building links and creating content. The more you work the more confidence you gain in your own abilities to succeed.

29. Your earnings steadily increase over time and you eventually start to make some reasonable money online AT LAST.

30. At this point in your business, because you have learned the hard way and you have been around the block a few times. You know that it’s not good business to put all your eggs in one basket. SO its time to diverse your income into other areas.

You are FINALLY SUCCESSFUL! You are thinking like a marketer.

This post outlines the journey that most people take before eventually succeeding online as an internet marketer. It is not easy.

Most internet marketers have failed dozens and dozens of times.

What you have to do if you want to succeed quickly, is to learn from the mistakes of others. NOT YOUR OWN!

I started off with adsense, clickbank and amazon. Yes, I still build and promote these sites now because they are profitable. I recommend that you do the same, because you will build some great skills. You will certainly need these skills later in your internet marketing career.

If your not at stage 26 yet, then hopefully I can help catapult you from any of the previous 25 steps and not waste as much time and money as I did.

Most people will actually give up even before getting to stage 10 anyway!

Use My Unfair Advantage to Jump Ahead of All the Other Marketers!

To your success,


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