3 Ways To Use Free Tools To Find Related Keywords

When building a new website or blog it’s important to use both nested and related keywords. It makes your blog/site look more natural in the eyes of the search engines. Otherwise it may look like you are purposely trying to manipulate the search engines by only using keywords with your main keyword in them. I will show you 3 ways to use free tools to find related keywords.

The way to compile a list of related keywords is both simple and free. There are additional keyword tools that you can purchase. But you don’t need them. I will show you how to do this easily and for free!

The First Way – Related Searches

The first place to go to is good old Google. Just type in your main keyword phrase into Google. Then scroll to the bottom of the page where it says “related searches”. There you will see that Google is literally handing to you the most relevant related keywords to the keyword that you typed in.

Some keywords will not make much sense if used in an article. But you can use the keyword in a title somewhere on your blog/site.

The Second Way – Google Insights

Go to Google Insights and type in your main keyword into the box. Click search. Then scroll down and on the left hand side are a list of some more related keywords to the keyword that you entered into the search box. If your not fully convinced that these are indeed related keywords hover over the question mark circle and it will confirm that they are related keywords.

You will find a few of the same keywords in here as you found using the first way. Usually though you will find at least a couple of new ones.

The Third And Final Way – People Also Ask

Go back to Google one more time and type in your main keyword. Then click search, go down the page to “People also ask“.

Check out what people are asking. These phrases are related keywords.

Google will provide you with related keywords to your main keyword once again. You can sometimes find some new keywords this way.

In summary:

Don’t forget keyword research is very important and is something that you will want to get very good at as fast as you can.

I hope this has answered some questions as i know many people were unsure how to find related keywords with only using free tools but hopefully you now know exactly how to do it.

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