3 Steps To Make More Money With Your Website

One thing I hear on a regular basis is someone saying that he or she has a website and they have put work into it, but it’s not making any money. Here are 3 steps to make more money with your website.

However, there are only really two steps that you need in order to have a profitable website. The third is only important if you plan on getting the bulk of your traffic from the search engines, which in most cases this will be true.

First – There has to be Traffic

You need TRAFFIC! That is an understatement right. The keyword or niche that you have chosen has to have good demand in the search engines. If nobody is searching for your product or service, your not going to make a dime.

I always use the Google Keyword Tool to check my traffic. The figures are not always totally accurate. But it’s the best indication your going to get.

If you do not have the demand for your niche you will not make any money.

Second – You Must have Buyers

You need BUYERS! This is where a lot of people make a mistake. When you choose a keyword or a niche to build a site around you should ALWAYS check to see how many advertisers are paying for ads in google. If people are spending money to get customers to there stores then they are of course making money.

This means people are buying the products and it is a profitable market.

Now, just because one person is paying for an advertisement doesn’t mean it’s a profitable market. I use spyfu.com I insert my chosen keyword, then spyfu tells me how many advertisers are spending money in advertisements. You should always make sure there are at least five advertisers at a minimum.

If your building your site using adsense, keep in mind that you should always pay attention to the CPC price. A great CPC is at least a dollar. Sometimes, you can drop below a dollar. But remember the lower you go on price, the less you will end up getting paid when you get clicks on your site. Just keep that in mind.

Third – First page of Google Must Not be Overly Competitive

You will most likely get most of your traffic from the search engines. So in order to get traffic you will need to be on at least first page of Google and at least in the top five to get any reasonable traffic. If page 1 of Google is very competitive with various authority sites and with lots of home page URL`s then it will be very hard to rank.

Even if the first two steps above are done correctly you may not be making any money from your site, because its getting no traffic. Since your not even on the first page of Google.  A competitive first page of Google doesn’t mean you can’t rank. But why choose a keyword where you have to work that much harder to see any monetary results.

If you refer to my post about checking the first page of google for competition then you will be on the right track to building a very profitable site.

If you do not rank on the first page of Google it will be difficult to get traffic to your website and make money, it can be done in many other ways though (that is a story for another time).

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