3 Facts When Making Money With Facebook

We all know Facebook is humongous. Facebook has actually overtaken Google in the amount of traffic its gets each day or it is very close to being number one. Since that is true, I want to tell you about 3 facts when making money with Facebook.

For us internet marketers all those numbers are very appealing. We often think about making money with Facebook. How can we tap into all that traffic?

I know I have thought about that in the past. I’ve even tried a few different techniques and methods using Facebook. All my previous experiments had ended with mixed results.

I have decided to write this blog post about Facebook, because I have something that is really important that everyone building an online business should know about.

So Listen UP!

Before you go out into the online marketplace and buy any Facebook course, eBook or video training teaching you how to make money with Facebook. I want you to follow my tips laid out below. This will ensure your not wasting your time and money on training that will not be profitable for building your business.

Here are 3 facts when making money with Facebook that you should always consider.

Fan Pages are Not – Never Will Be Assets

I will say that again fan pages are not and never will be assets. You should NEVER and I mean never rely on them for income. If you are building an online business and you are serious about it then DON’T EVER think of fan pages as an asset.

Let me ask you a simple question. Would you ever use YouTube or Digg for your entire income. WOULD you feel comfortable knowing that your entire business and income is in another persons hands? I hope you answer NO. Because that’s a terrible way to build a business. Its the same scenario when you are using Facebook.

Yes, you can use fan pages to make an additional income by promoting affiliate products or CPA offers but don’t spend all your time and effort on them.

Best Way To Use Fan Pages for Your Business

If you know how to build good Facebook fan pages. If you get some good traffic. Then the best way to use fan pages is to find a way to funnel your Facebook traffic into your own marketing funnel. Use a squeeze page and send them somewhere where you offer them some good value for FREE. Then capture there name and email address.

Doing it in this way you are building an online asset (your email list).

Funneling your fan page traffic with this method may cause you to lose some of that traffic. Maybe even some commissions. But remember by making a few sales with CPA or affiliate products with your fan page is not building a future online asset. Getting them into your sales funnel and onto your email list is.

Best Way to Build Real Online Assets

Create your own product is the best way to build a online asset. Market your product to targeted traffic and build a subscriber list of customers. Those are assets that you own. They can make you money for years to come. That is something a fan page will not do.

Once you have your own product in place and you want to get exposure to it. Tell the world about it using Facebook. That is perfect. As long as your sending your traffic to a squeeze page, then you are doing it correctly.

You can increase your exposure to potential customers to your business by using Facebook ads. In order to get the best ROI (return on investment) from your advertising costs, send all your traffic to an opt in page. Give away some free videos or some kind of a valuable free report or an eBook.

Videos are probably the best thing to give away for FREE, when you are building a subscriber list. What ever you’re giving away make sure it has lots of value and is helping your subscribers to achieve success.

Spend your time and money on tasks that help you build a real stable and profitable online business. Like building a Blog and an email list. Those are true assets.

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